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Steps to Download Instagram Videos?

Millions of users use Instagram to share videos on it. While if you are interested in downloading instagram videos, you can visit Instagram videos Downloader but if you want download any video from the instagram then you need not to go anywhere because here you can easily save instagram videos using same tool. This is exactly the place where you can Download Instagram Videos and photos Online for Free.

This tool will let you download any public Instagram Videos. You need to have the actual Instagram URL of the video that you want to download.You can download any Instagram video no matter which platform you are in Desktop i.e PC or Macintosh or in Mobile i.e Android, iOS etc. Using this tool is very simple and you can download any Instagram Video on a fly. Here is how you can Download Instagram Video in just 3 steps -

1) Copy the Instagram Video URL of the photo that you want to download.
2) Paste the Instagram Video or Photo Url in the textbox provided.
3) Click/Tap on the Download Video button. That's it. You will see the Video thumbnail and a Download Instagram Video/Photo button. Click/Tap on this button and the video is in your folder.

Instagram Photo Downloader

Instagram Photo Downloader is a free tool which allows you to download unlimited photos from Instagram without adding any additional software on your computer or application in your Smartphone. We have made this tool easy to use by any age of people. All you need to do is to enter the URL of the photo from Instagram in the address bar and click on download button or simply press the enter button. In no time, your required photo will be downloaded. Instagram Photo Downloaded does not work on Windows of mobile phone only but also on different operating systems including MAC, iOS, and Linux etc.
There could be different reasons to download photos from the Instagram. For example, you want to download Instagram photo because you have mistakenly removed the original photo from your mobile phone. You may also want to download Instagram photo because it is the only copy of your photo available which you have posted on Instagram. Some people like to download photos from Instagram because they like the photo and want to use it as their mobile of computer wallpapers. There could be any reason for this. That's why we bring this website for you so that you do not need to be worried about if you want to download a photo or photos in bulk from Instagram.
Instagram does not have any downloading button for photos and videos. Even they do not provide you any option to download photos which have been owned by your and you have uploaded the photos. So, having an online tool which allows you to download photos from Instagram was very important. Before Instagram Photo Downloader, you have to explore the coding of Instagram and find out the link of the photo for the downloading purpose. This old method was not only difficult for those who have no knowledge of the coding but sometimes coders get confused to find the correct code for the photo and video. But no more worries. We have made this tool easy to use for everyone.

How to download photos from Instagram?

The process of downloading photos from Instagram is very easy.

Step 1: Find the photo which you like to download from Instagram. If you have found the photo by using a computer then you would have the URL of the photo. Copy it! For mobile users, click on three dots and click select the option 'copy URL' to get the URL of the photo.

Step 2: Now paste the URL of the photo in the box on our website and click on the button next to the bar. Your photo will be downloaded instantly. Our website will ask you about the download location. For mobile users, it will be saved in download folder or photo gallery.

Instagram Photo Downloaded will not require you to install any software while it is 100% free to use. You can download as many as photos you want. There is no restriction on the downloading.

Note: We are not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook. All the photos which you download through our website are hosted on the Instagram or Facebook server. We do not host any of these photos.